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HKUST JUPAS Calculator

Minimun Admission Requirements
English Language
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Chinese Language
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Math (Comp)
{{ subjMinReq.math }}
Liberal Studies
{{ }}
Elective 1
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Elective 2
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Score Calculation Formula
JUPAS CodeScore Calculation - No. of SubjectsSubject Weighting
Specified SubjectsOther Subjects (may include Core Subjects, Category A electives and M1/M2)
English Language{{ MathOrChinese }}Another Specified Subject
{{ tableSlots.jCode }}{{ tableSlots.subjectNum }}{{ tableSlots.engMul }}
Core Subjects
English Language
Chinese Language
Mathematics (Compulsory Part)
Liberal Studies
{{ englishScore }}
{{ chineseScore }}
{{ mathScore }}
{{ lsScore }}
Electives or M1/M2
{{ e1Score }}
{{ e2Score }}
{{ e3Score }}
{{ e4Score }}
{{ e5Score }}
Total Score:
{{ totalScore }}

Course Selected: {{ courseRecap }}
Points to note:
1. 2019 JUPAS admission figures are applicable to local students only. Non-local students holding HKDSE qualifications should apply through
2. All weighted scores are calculated based on program-specific formulae, of which certain subjects will be given heavier weighting. Apart from weighted scores, some programs have additional admission requirements. Please visit respective program websites for further details.
3. All admission figures are provided for reference only. The public examination results of students admitted to each program vary from year to year. HKUST considers an applicant's whole profile, on top of the HKDSE score.

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