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Update on HKUST Admissions Requirements for 2024 JUPAS intake

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Update on HKUST JUPAS Interview Dates

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HKUST participates in Hong Kong’s Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS). Through JUPAS, HKUST admits local students taking the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination. Eligible local HKDSE students interested in studying at HKUST should submit their applications to JUPAS in accordance with the relevant timeline.

Non-local HKDSE students should submit their applications through our Online Application System as students with International Qualifications

2021 Entry Requirements 

JUPAS applicants applying to HKUST are expected to satisfy the University’s minimum admission requirement of a score of 3322+33 (Level 3 in English Language and Chinese Language; Level 2 in Mathematics Compulsory and Liberal Studies; Level 3 in Elective 1; and Level 3 in Elective 2 or M1/M2) and specific requirements, if any, for subjects and attainment levels in particular subjects set out by individual Schools or programs. 

Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students may use an alternative Chinese subject, an HKDSE Other Language subject, or an HKDSE Applied Learning Chinese subject to satisfy the University’s Chinese language requirement. Further admission details for NCS students are available at the JUPAS website.

Each School/program uses a specific formula to calculate admission scores, based on the HKDSE scores of eligible JUPAS applicants. If more than one admission score is available for an applicant based on this calculation, the best result will be considered. Interested students are encouraged to use the following JUPAS score calculator when considering HKUST. (Elective subject in the admission score formulae refers to Category A subjects, including Mathematics Extended Part Module 1 and Module 2.)

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Admission Requirements & Statistics

Minimum Admissions Requirements

English Language
${ subjMinReq.english }
Chinese Language
${ subjMinReq.chinese }
Math (Comp)
${ subjMinReq.math }
Liberal Studies
${ subjMinReq.ls }
Elective 1
${ subjMinReq.elective1 }
Elective 2
${ subjMinReq.elective2 }

Subject Requirements (Elective 1)

${ tableSlots.ass }

Score Formulae

No. of Subjects Calculated
${ tableSlots.subjectNum }
${ tableSlots.engMul }
${ tableSlots.secondMul }
Other Subjects
${ tableSlots.os }
Median & Lower Quartile
Lower Quartile
Highest Attainable Score
Lower Quartile Per-Subject Average Score(Business Programs ONLY)

Jupas Score Calculator

Core Subjects
English Language
${ englishScore }
Chinese Language
${ chineseScore }
Mathematics (Compulsory Part)
${ mathScore }
Liberal Studies
${ lsScore }
Electives or M1/M2
${ e1Score }
${ e2Score }
${ e3Score }
${ e4Score }
${ e5Score }
Course Selected :
${ courseRecap }
Highest Attainable Score :
Median Score for 2020 Intake :
Lower Quartile for 2020 Intake :
Score: ${ totalScore }
Points to note:
  1. 2020 JUPAS admission figures are applicable to local students only. Non-local students holding HKDSE qualifications should apply through https://join.ust.hk/apply
  2. All weighted scores are calculated based on program-specific formulae, of which certain subjects will be given heavier weighting. Apart from weighted scores, some programs have additional admission requirements. Please visit respective program websites for further details.
  3. All admission figures are provided for reference only. The public examination results of students admitted to each program vary from year to year. HKUST considers an applicant's whole profile, on top of the HKDSE score.
  4. Past admission scores may not be available because of small intake to the program in the year concerned. Such case will be indicated with “-“ where admission scores are not suitable for references in the year concerned.
JUPAS Interview

Individual interview notifications will be sent to selected candidates shortly before their interviews. Please check your personal e-mail, your JUPAS Message Box, and your SMS inbox regularly. Please also ensure that the personal e-mail address specified in your JUPAS application is valid.

Interview is compulsory for the following programs.

🗍 Submission of Design and Technology Project experience document (DTP)/ Student Learning Profile (SLP)/ Other Experiences and Achievements (OEA) are compulsory for admissions to this program.
JUPAS Catalogue No.
Before Release of HKDSE Results
After Release of HKDSE Results

School of Science

International Research Enrichment
Jul 2021
Science (Group A)
12 May 2021
Science (Group B)
12 May 2021
Science (Group A) with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence
12 May 2021

School of Engineering

1-2 Jun 2021
BSc in Integrative Systems and Design 🗍
24–30 Jun 2021
27–29 Jul 2021
Engineering with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence
1-2 Jun 2021

School of Business and Management

Business and Management
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Economics
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Finance
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Global Business
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
Late Jul/ Early Aug 2021
BBA in Information Systems
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Management
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Marketing
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Operations Management
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BBA in Professional Accounting
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
BSc in Economics and Finance
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
Late Jul 2021
BSc in Quantitative Finance
29-30 May 2021; 5-6 Jun 2021
Late Jul 2021

School of Humanities and Social Science

BSc in Global China Studies
Jun 2021
BSc in Quantitative Social Analysis
Jun 2021

Joint-School Programs

BSc in Biotechnology and Business
26 May 2021
BSc in Mathematics and Economics
23 May 2021
BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence
31 May 2021 ; 2 Jun 2021
Late Jul 2021

Interdisciplinary Programs

BSc in Environmental Management and Technology
28 May 2021
Late Jul 2021
BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management
27 May 2021
Late Jul 2021