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School of Engineering (SENG)

HKUST’s Engineering School is one of the most comprehensive and highly-regarded engineering schools in Hong Kong. With the implementation of School-based admission at HKUST, students will take engineering introduction courses, fundamental courses and common core courses in their first year of study. Starting from the second year, they will embark on an engineering major. All BEng degree programs are accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Industrial training and internship programs are also provided for students seeking a career in the engineering industry.


  • No. 14 in World Universities for Engineering and Technology (QS World University Rankings 2015)
  • No. 8 in World Universities for Computer Science & Information Systems (QS World University Rankings 2015)
  • No. 17 in World Universities for Civil & Structural Engineering (QS World University Rankings 2015)
  • No. 8 in Asian Universities for IT and Engineering (QS Asian University Rankings 2014).

Major programs

Students admitted into the School of Engineering, upon completion of their first year of study, will enroll into one of the degree programs offered by the School of Engineering in the following disciplines or seek admission to one of the interdisciplinary programs mentioned in another section.

  • BEng in Aerospace Engineering
  • BEng in Chemical Engineering
  • BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • BEng in Civil Engineering
  • BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • BEng in Computer Engineering
  • BEng in Computer Science
  • BEng in Electronic Engineering
  • BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng in Sustainable Energy Engineering*
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc in Data Science and Technology*

*New Programs to be launched in 2018/19, subject to the University approval

Please visit the website of the School of Engineering (SENG) for details on program curriculums.