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Why Hong Kong


See China, See the World

China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies today and the role of Hong Kong has evolved. It now serves as an ideal base for people entering the Chinese market and which creates more business and job opportunities. Therefore, different international corporations come to Hong Kong which makes Hong Kong an economic hub of…


Competitiveness of Hong Kong

As Asia is growing fast and rising in importance in the global market, the role of Hong Kong as Asia’s hub becomes more significant. Hong Kong provides one of the world’s biggest financial hubs for business, and it is a gateway not only to China, but also to other Asian cities. According to the Globalization…


Location and Climate

The Hong Kong’s city center is less than one hour away from mainland China and half of the world’s population is within 5 hours’ flight time. It has served, and will continue to serve, as the economic hub of Asia. Public transportation is very convenient so that visitors can go to any part of Hong…


Society and City Life

Hong Kong has an interesting cultural background. It has both Eastern and Western perspectives since it was under British administration for about 150 years until 1997. This makes Hong Kong one of the most energetic and dynamic cities in the world with 7 million people and 24/7 lifestyles. Life in Hong Kong is attractive that…


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