Admissions Updates

HKUST is Flexible with Your Application

We understand that your applications to universities may be affected by the pandemic such as disruptions or cancelations of the public exams. Please rest assured that we would extend flexibility in evaluating your applications.

To allow more time for you to prepare for your application, we are still accepting applications where places are available. We encourage interested students to submit the applications on our application system as soon as possible.

Latest Arrangements

We are extending flexibility to applicants whose exams are affected. Please find the latest arrangements for various qualifications as listed below:



SAT Reasoning Test

If your planned exam is canceled by the College Board or if you have difficulties attending the examination, please upload the proof to us for review. In the meantime, please submit your school transcripts, Advanced Placement and/or SAT Subject Tests results (if any), ACT Plus Writing results (if any), IELTS or TOEFL, and any other supporting documents for our consideration.


In the UK

We understand that the May/June sitting exams are canceled in the UK. Students’ results will be replaced by a form of teacher-assessed grades. To help our assessment, please submit your school transcripts, predicted grades, teacher-assessed grades and any other supporting documents for our consideration.

Outside the UK

Currently the Summer 2021 sitting A-Level exams will proceed as planned. We have been monitoring closely on the latest updates from the examination board.


If you have difficulties attending the test physically at the test center, you can take the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition.

You may also use one of our recognized English tests to fulfill the English Language Requirement.

Other Qualifications

Applications to HKUST are always assessed holistically. We look at all relevant academic and non-academic credentials along with the interview performance, where applicable. As we take into consideration the results / grading / certification (or other arrangements) issued by relevant examination authorities or schools, we will extend flexibility to evaluate all applications. To facilitate this process, please be sure to upload the interim school report / transcript of 2020-2021 academic year.

(Updated on 10 Feb 2021)


We are committed to supporting outstanding students to study at HKUST. All applicants will be considered for admissions scholarships automatically.

For applicants having received scholarship offers based on examinations that have been canceled, please rest assured that scholarships will be awarded based on the official scores provided by the examination authorities. Where official scores cannot be provided by the examination authorities, applicants will still be considered for scholarships based on their holistic performances including high school transcripts, academic and non-academic achievements, and interview (where applicable), etc.

Please stay tuned and we shall continue to keep you updated on our arrangements in light of new developments.

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