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Issue: NOV 2015

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Dear Student,


Golden leaves and autumn breeze bring you warm greeting and reminder from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - we are already half way through the application period for 2016 entry. If you want to get an Early Decision, or apply for the non-academic Scholarships, please do so before 15th November.


We have also prepared some stories featuring the different sides of HKUST, and introduction to our exciting new programs. Hope you will enjoy the read!

Early Round Application
Deadline – 15 Nov
Online application for 2016 Intake is open. If you like to join HKUST community, simply click here to apply now.
Athletes, don’t miss AEF Sports scholarship!
Do you love sports? Are you a team captain or have you earned medals and awards for achievements in athletics and sportsmanship?
More details

If so, don’t miss the chance to apply for the HKUST Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) Sports Scholarships, eligible for students entering university in Fall 2016. The deadline for applications is 15 November, 2015. The AEF Sports Scholarship awards HKD30,000 (renewable) to outstanding student athletes. Successful applicants will also receive special consideration for their admission.

At HKUST, we value athletics and its related character values of persistence, sportsmanship and leadership. We are looking forward to welcoming new undergraduate students who have what it takes to contribute to our robust sports community.

To apply, please view the information at http://sfao.ust.hk/scholarships/apply.html

Interviews outside Hong Kong

HKUST will interview the applicants in the following locations for 2016 Intake.

London -
Jakarta -
Kuala Lumpur -
Taipei -

5 & 6 December 2015
30 January 2016
1 February 2016
end February 2016

Apply Now!

One University  Infinite Possibilities
Infinite Possibilities@UST
Creative and flexible education for the future

Have you ever thought of how university education was like many years ago? University education could be traced back to the sixth century during the Medieval Period. Do you know what programs were offered back then? Unlike modern university education, natural philosophy, astronomy, grammar and rhetoric used to be the most popular programs in the past. University education nowadays covers wider disciplines with academic flexibility and freedom as the core values. In HKUST, we are proud to present you the education for the future - Interdisciplinary Major and Individualized Degree!


Interdisciplinary education: way for complex world

Science is no longer only about science, and business studies cover a much larger spectrum; it is the knowledge integration from different disciplines which matters. With this education intuitive, HKUST School of Science collaborates with the Business School to present a new program - BSc in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) in the forthcoming academic year.


The BIBU program is designed for students who have strong interests in science yet prefer to develop their career in the business sector. Not only will they build a solid foundation of knowledge in biotechnology, but also gain professional business know-how and skills to understand, manage, and market biotechnology initiatives. Professor Leung Pak Wo, Associate Dean of the School of Science believes that interdisciplinary programs are the future development of tertiary education which meets the emerging needs of the society. BIBU program gives students atypical internship experiences so they are given opportunities to apply their knowledge in business context. HKUST has sought out business partners in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries where students in the BIBU program would intern in these companies in the summer or year-round.


“The future of education will be less and less focused on disciplinary specialty, but more on how to integrate knowledge and skills to solve problems.”

Pioneer of Education: Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program (IIM)

More and more degree programs worldwide emphasizes on students’ freedom. Professor King L. Chow, Director of HKUST’s Interdisciplinary Programs Office, said ‘The future of education will be less and less focused on disciplinary specialty, but more on how to integrate knowledge and skills to solve problems.’ As a pioneer of tertiary education, HKUST is the only institution in Greater China providing platform for students to have a customized major.


Students of the Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) program have the freedom to combine courses from different departments and Schools at HKUST, and even different universities, to develop an interdisciplinary major tailor-made to their intellectual interests. Supports and advice would be given to IIM students by HKUST professors and professionals from the relevant field. Here’s a tip for students who want to pursue IIM at HKUST: Develop a clear understanding of your interests and alignment with your academic and career plan, truly understand that the available majors would not satisfy your needs to develop a study pathway and passionate about what you would like to do, then the IIM program is here to help you to achieve your goals!


At HKUST, there are infinite possibilities.

Simple Technology, Big Difference: SIGHT@HKUST

We are living in a world where technology is advancing and changing so rapidly. But can you imagine life in developing countries where ‘technology’ is something luxury? To improve the quality of life of the people in these places, Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) was set up by a group of energetic undergraduate students aiming at disentangling the healthcare problems in the developing world with the assistance of simple technology.


“Never take things for granted. Giving is better than receiving”

‘Never take things for granted.’ said Thalha, a Year 3 business student at HKUST. Grew up in Hong Kong, Thalha was raised in a relatively affluent environment where he doesn’t have to worry about his living environment and the healthcare system in Hong Kong. He joined SIGHT simply because of an old school belief - ‘Giving is better than receiving’. When he first learnt about the public health in Cambodia, he was surprised to know that slum dwellers do not receive adequate medical attention. From then on, he pledged to ‘make a change to the Cambodian community!’ Together with more than 30 HKUST students, they dedicated themselves to this special community project.


SIGHT members first went to Cambodia in the summer of 2014 to have a better understanding of the public health in Cambodia. They learnt that voluntary medical teams in Cambodia often encountered problems with transporting drugs and medical equipment and installing temporary pharmacy station. Problems arose when the vaccines and drugs got contaminated when the medical team went on outreach services. The team thus developed an insight - to design a portable pharmacy for the medical teams. The portable pharmacy is shock-resistant and is able to withstand the adverse weather conditions in Cambodia. Most important of all, their designs were highly affordable! It only cost less than 100 USD to manufacture one!


All of these would not have come true without the inputs from HKUST faculty. SIGHT invited faculty members from different academic backgrounds as its program advisors, including professors from biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, management, life science and industrial engineering. Professor Ying Chau, was one of the most important ‘behind-the-scene’ advisors. Professor Chau said ‘SIGHT combined learning with community services and encouraged students to avail simple technology to bring about groundbreaking innovations in healthcare for people in developing countries!’ With concerted efforts, SIGHT is able to partner with international charitable organizations and local sponsors to support its plans to extend the project scope to other developing nations.


Simple technology does make a change, don’t underestimate yourself!


Learn more about SIGHT: http://sight.ust.hk

Inspirations behind start-ups: details matter

What is university to you? Spending another few years to study some advanced knowledge? Widening your personal connections and making some good friends? For sure you can achieve all these at a young and vibrant university like HKUST, but there is something more in university education. Have you done enough career navigations for what are you going to do after the 4-year college life? Interested to be your own boss? Haoran Chen (Jeff), a HKUST graduate in Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management, has developed his aspiration to become a young entrepreneur when he was on overseas exchange two years ago.


When Jeff was an exchange student at Harvard University two years ago, he loved riding a bicycle from his dormitory to the campus. As time went by, he started to realize that it was very dangerous to ride in the States as drivers there often could not identify cyclers. ‘It was extremely dangerous when I was cycling along the highway!’ recalled Jeff. His idea of making a ‘Smart Helmet’ started to grow when he recognized that nearly 50,000 cyclists in US were severely injured in traffic accidents in 2013 alone.


“It was just great to meet someone who shares your views and ambitions!”

As an opportunity seeker, Jeff paid attention to every single opportunity that he can avail. The best thing about international exchange is that you can always get to know people from very diverse backgrounds. During Jeff’s exchange at Harvard, he participated in Startup Scramble organized by the Harvard Innovation Lab. He met Ding, a Harvard MBA student. ‘It was just great to meet someone who shares your views and ambitions!’ said Jeff, and with that he and Ding started to spend their spare time doing research on that topic further.


They decided to dream big and created a new startup called Lumos. Although both Jeff and Ding held strong background in mechanical engineering, they still encountered lots of challenges. Chen said, ‘It was not the technology which frustrated me, it was the funding part which really frustrated me.’ With little hope of success, they decided to turn to an online crowd funding platform - Kickstarter. Yet, to their utter surprise, their idea was well acclaimed by the public! They reached their funding goal of USD125,000 on the first day and successfully raised over USD800,000 for the campaign !


‘Success is not the end of a story,’ believed Jeff. He dreamt and planned something bigger in his mind. Jeff planned to seek endorsement from local athletes and cooperation with different sports brands in the future. Lumos helmet would be available for retail sales in the US market in the second quarter of 2016. In Lumos, we trust and we cycle safely!




Small profile: Lumos

*Designed by Jeff (HKUST DDP in Technology and Management) &
Ding (Harvard Business School MBA)

*CSPC&EN1078 Certified

*80+ LED lights

*1000mAh Lithium ion cell


Entrepreneurship in UST

HKUST is proud to be one of the most entrepreneurial friendly universities in Hong Kong. The university established the Entrepreneurship Center (EC) in 2000, coordinating all kinds of entrepreneurship events. The signature event of EC is annual HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition which supports our students in founding new start-up companies.


Build your own robots

Do you want to bring changes to human society by creating something new?

Amazed by how robots can help us build a better society?


‘Yes, I do!’

If this is your answer, the HKUST Robotics team would be a great place for you. And who knows? You might become the best robot designer ever!


HKUST Robotics Team was first founded in 2004, since then it has become one of the most respected university level robotics teams in Asia. Is this only for engineering students? In fact, more than 140 freshmen, not only from engineering school, but students from science and business disciplines, join the Robotics team every year.


The team not only participates in both local and international level, they also organize competitions and workshops for primary and secondary school students. In March, the robotics team pulled together students from over 120 secondary students including some with special education needs to participate in an Underwater Robot Competition. From the participants’ smiling faces and concentration on their works, we can tell they are a step closer to innovate the future!


Professor Tim Woo, chief advisor of the HKUST Robotics Team explains the popularity of the Robotics team, “We encourage students to explore themselves beyond their comfort zone. Working with a multi-disciplinary with different nationalities, students could explore their strength in both technical and soft skills.” The team also cultivates a “Teaching to learn and Learning to teach” tradition to provide a sustainable growth of the Robotic Team. Eric Leung Chun-yin demonstrated this spirit well. With his fruitful experience and gains from the Robotic Team, he stayed on with the team even after graduation in 2011.


“These activities have helped me discover my true passion and guided me in the pursuit of my dream.”

After going through stages of the qualification rounds, the HKUST Robotic Team entered to final competition of the MATE International ROV Contest, an international Underwater Robotics Competition recently. Johannes, one of team members recalled the team has faced many challenges during the competition, but hours of solid preparation paid off, the team has been crowned the 2nd Runner-up in St. John, Canada, where the final was held.


Malaysian student Patrick Tham was very proud to be part of the Robotics Team, “As a member of the 2013 HKUST Robotics Team, I represented Hong Kong in the MATE International ROV Competition which was held in WA, United State. These activities have helped me discover my true passion and guided me in the pursuit of my dream.”


Professor Tim Woo, chief advisor of the HKUST Robotics Team exclaimed that this was the best performance achieved by a Hong Kong team, “this is the place for students’ innovation and creativity with hands-on experience. Students takes ownership of the robot design. This is the driving force for the success of HKUST Robotics team.”


‘Success is not the final, failure is not the fatal’ the robotics team is not satisfied with the challenges they have already achieved. Every year, the team recruits enthusiasts from different backgrounds. If you are interested in improving the society with the use of robotic technology, join HKUST and become the new blood of the Robotics Team!


Check them out!




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