Interview Schedule

Invitation will be sent to the JUPAS message box of selected applicants.
Note: Interview is required for JS5011 and JS5013.

School of Science
JS5001 Science May 2015
JS5011 International Research Enrichment June 2015
School of Engineering
JS5002 Engineering 22 November 2014;
Late May 2015
School of Business and Management
JS5003 Business & Management 15-16 November 2014;
Early May 2015
JS5013 Global Business Final Round Interview:
22-25 July 2015(Tentative)
School of Humanities and Social Science
JS5004 Global China Studies Late May - Mid-June 2015

Important Dates

Candidates with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) qualification should submit their application online via the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) website at

Key Dates
JUPAS application opens 23 Sep 2014
JUPAS application closes 2 Dec 2014
Deadline for amendment of program choices 20 May 2015
Announcement of HKDSE results 15 Jul 2015
Modifications of program choices
(in a time-slot allotted by JUPAS)
16 -18 Jul 2015
Announcement of Main Round offer results via JUPAS website 10 Aug 2015
Commencement of 2014-2015 Academic Year (provisional) 1 Sep 2015