Admission Routes

HKUST offers 35 different undergraduate majors. At the point of applying for admission, it is not necessary for you to decide on the choice of major. You simply need to apply via one of the below admission routes.

In the first year, students will take University Common Core courses as well as School foundation courses. Students in the Science, Engineering, and Humanities will declare their majors after completing the first year. Most students in the Business and Management will declare their majors at the end of the second year. Students wishing to declare their majors in Global Business, Economics and Finance, and Quantitative Finance will do so after the first year.

For example, whether you are interested in the general sciences or you already have developed a passion for chemistry, you apply for admission to Science. After the end of your first year of study, you declare your choice of major.

This way, you will have ample time to develop a thorough understanding of the subject and explore your interest before committing to a major. In addition to the standard single major arrangement, it is also possible for you to double major or do major-minor combinations.

Click on the below links to understand more about the various admission routes:

International Research Enrichment (IRE)
Business and Management
Global Business
Global China Studies: Humanities and Social Science
World Bachelor in Business

Students interested in the below dual degrees and interdisciplinary programs should first apply for admission to HKUST via one of the above Admission Routes (except WBB).

  • BEng/Bsc & BBA in Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management
  • BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence
  • BSc in Environmental Management and Technology